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HyFit | Training

Is our method

Our Training Programs that we'll be offering to you 

| Training is our programming that will help you achieve your fitness goals 

With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry we understand that every individual is different with the their specific training goals and we know how over time that develops and changes as we move through life. 

On a personal and a training level. 

With that in mind

HyFit | Training was created

As a TeamMate at HyFit you will get access to 4 training programs


| Train 

This will be our base program that will be delivered in a class setting. The program is delivered across the week to include a mixed range of training modalities whilst ensuring we hit every muscle group with compound and isolation work along with conditioning work around that. 

If your goal is to simply live a better life through health and fitness - the Train program will cover that and more


| Gain

Is our functional bodybuilding program 

Do you want to gain some real muscle mass around your | Train program? 

Then Gain is for you 

Based primarily around isolation movements, this program will give the additional training needed to truly help you build mass and sculpt your physique

| Engine

Is our cardio / conditioning training 

Training phases will vary from timed erg intervals; strongman carries; distance intervals; targeted training zones and steady state cardio. 

The Engine program will  give those who want to take part in a HYROX event that extra push you need around your | Train program


| Performance 

Is your skilled work 

Based mainly around Olympic lifts and gymnastic work, you will follow a cycle of lift / movement variations to help you up skill in a certain movement that is programmed for that period of time 

Ranging from the Snatch Olympic lift to toes to bar skill and volume work 

If you want to up-skill in your training 

| Performance is for you 


Did you know we have our very own HyFit apps?

| HQ for all your membership and community services 

| Training for all your programming and performance tracking 

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