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HyFit | HQ

| HQ is our facility 

A facility that offers up 5,000 sq ft of working space for 

both class and open gym training 

As a member at HyFit you will get access to our group training class schedule 

Aswell as unlimited access to open gym training where you can follow one of our 

| Training programs 

The gym is forever evolving to ensure we provide the best training space possible for you and your training goals. As we stand we currently offer:

2 x Training Rigs 

12 x Squatting Stations 

4 x Dual Cable Pulley Stations 

8 x Individual Cable Pulley Stacks (90kg each)

Olympic Lifting Platforms 

Olympic Lifting Barbells & Bumper Plates 

Dumbbell & Kettlebell options

Wallballs, Sandbags & Strongman Bags 

2 x 20m Turf Length & Sleds

and much more....

As well as the equipment within the gym we also have our own dedicated toilet and shower facilities. A huge 40+ parking area and an outdoor training space that backs on to the beautiful surroundings of the Diggle canal path

(the best running route. No where matches up to it! )

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